State Street Bath Salts

State Street Bath Salts


State Street bath salts, named after the iconic street in Santa Barbara, are formulated with a mineral rich base to absorb into your skin. The salts are coated in a layer of detoxifying clay powder that dissolves alongside the salt. The floral and woodsy aroma of Lavender and Frankincense add to your aromatherapy experience. Sprinkle some of these soothing salts into your bath and enjoy the lasting benefits.

Directions: mix about a 1/3 of the jar into your bath water. Wait a minute or two for the salts to dissolve before enjoying

Key Ingredients

Pacific Sea Salt: Extracted and Solar dried from the saline mineral-rich waters of the Pacific Ocean

Bentonite Clay: natural clay that draws out toxins and bacteria from the body and leaves skin silky smooth

Lavender Essential Oil: Steam distilled from the flowering tops of the plant to give you the highest grade oil. Has balancing properties that calm the mind and body while cleansing and soothing the skin


Full list of ingredients: pacific sea salts, bentonite clay, lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil, lavender buds, coconut oil

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