Gentlemen’s Beard Oil

Gentlemen’s Beard Oil


Gentlemen’s Beard Oil helps already present facial hair look thicker, fuller and healthier. Apply with ease and show off your beard with confidence. The skin under your beard is sensitive, and can become dry or irritated, this blend of oils benefits the skin and hair. Its quick-absorbing oil moisturizes the skin as it works to help soften and tame your beard.

Directions: Apply dime sized amount. Massage into beard or hair thoroughly.

Key Ingredients:

Jojoba Oil: This oil is highly moisturizing. It’s slightly thicker consistency penetrates the hair and promotes hair growth. It helps keep the skin supple, soft and healthy and also conditions the hair and follicles from breakage.

Almond Oil: This is a great source of proteins, Vitamin D and Vitamin E which help healthy hair growth. It helps eliminate dandruff and reduces inflammation.

List of Full ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E oil, Cedar wood Essential Oil

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